How to fix broken links on your website, blog or store

Broken links problem

Hey guys!

   We are happy to post our first short, but helpful article! To be honest we hate long, not really interesting essays, and this is a reason why we will write everything very coherently and concretely.

1. Why it is a good idea to check your website condition?

   If you're reading this article probably broken links are damaging your site's rankings and usability. As a website owner, for sure you know server error, 404 pages are bad for business. Try to imagine if you are trying to pay 800 GBP for a new item, but during check out you can see some 404 page?! Will you try one more time?

   Is it as important? Of course it is! Nowadays each user is expecting we will be perfect with everything! Design, pictures, descriptions, checkout – all of them have to be professional, easy to use, and interesting to read.

   Why? Otherwise your visitor may never buy anything, and may never come back! If your website is not working properly you are not you can also be untrustworthy!

All broken links:

  • Negatively affecting user experience
  • Damaging your reputation online
  • Stopping search engine website crawlers, damaging your rankings by preventing Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. from indexing the page

2. What is the solution ?

   Finding and fixing link problems has finally been made easy! Lucky we can find a lot of FREE online tools which can be used on any computer no mater if it's iMac, MacBook, PC, notebook / laptop, iPad. Are you user of Windows, Mac, Apple OSX, iOS or Android? No worries, there is a lot of possibilities for all of them.

3.How to do it? prepared couple of ideas for you!

 Our top 5 broken links finder are:

  1. Online Broken Link Checker
  2. Dead Link Checker
  3. Broken link Checker
  4. Dr. Link Check
  5. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

   All of them are able to create correct list of your URL errors. What else? They are extremely easy to use! To be honest we were using them to check our store as well!

   Without paying, without spending a lot of time you can fix your problems, and become more visible! We hope your website, store or blog will have more happy visitors saying professionality is your strong side.

Question for you!

   As we said our idea is to prepare short, coherently and concretely articles. We will be happy if you can tell us  - do you like it?

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