How to get a loot of new Facebook fans - reliable fanpage guide!

  How to get a loot of new Facebook fans guide

   Company’s fan page is already as common as the website. Its creation takes a few minutes, but how to get the first fans?

   Getting thousands of fans on Facebook is far more difficult than 2 or 3 years ago. Since that time the number of users has increased several times (at present over 1.3 billion) along with the number of fan pages. Below we present a few tips how to do it:

1. Valuable, involving contents on fan page

   Very often persons who just begin their adventure on social media (for example running fan page as the new obligation in the company) come out with the assumption that the more sale posts, which promote the product – all the better. If our fan page will be only a copy of offers from the website, will it be valuable for our fan? We must ensure a meaningful, fitted to the target group, attractive content. In brief, it is worthwhile to focus on the content which will encourage our readers to return and read the next post! Of course, there is much more ways and types. Let’s remember that every morning WE DON’T HATE TO post a photo of our coffee (unless we run a profile of the cafe), every Friday to announce about “Friday-time” (along with attached photo that each of our fans could already see repeatedly) or every Monday to write about common depression for this reason. There are well-run site, which a recipe for success is the right idea, your own content and it is not necessary to use the above ways. Are you looking for guide how to write? Check our another blog post <here>.

2. Invite your friends

   The average Facebook user has at least 150 friends. That's already something! Let’s invite our closest and ask them to share your fan page on their profiles. Of course, if our page on Facebook regards running, let’s not ask those friends who lead a static lifestyle – unless we want to inspire them. Let’s remember about a common sense, i.e. do not spam and do not force them. If you will be perceived as a person who is too importunate – it will be against you.

3. Ads on Facebook

   Advertising on Facebook is, of course, the easiest, but also the most expensive way to get fans. Currently offering huge targeting possibilities, i.e. reaching to selected target groups. Without a problem you can get the first thousands of fans for example men at the age of 20-25 years, fans of automotive industry, including iPhone users residing in London.

   Of course, advertising on Facebook isn’t free of charge. For one fan we will pay from a few to several pence, depending on what fans we want to have (the larger targeting all the advertising costs are usually higher). If you are interested in this form of getting fans, you should read the next articles in which in detail we described how to prepare mentioned above advertising campaigns.

  What is important - don't forget to add an interesting and valuable content with your ads as well! This in one simple example of our product ad, but you can submit a fanpage, site or blog campaign. Can you see the difference between effect with poor and rich content? 

Example of seo campaign on facebook. Increase your Google position

4. Add the plug on your site

   If you already have a website, don't forget to add the plugin to like your fan page. Many recipients of the site will gladly click “Like” button to keep up with our status or in order to add the opinion. How to do this? Click <here>

   Visit the site of Facebook for developers, then enter your fan page URL, choose the format of like box and click the button “Get code”. We add received code in the appropriate place of our website or we send it to the programmer, which will take care of it.

Facebook like button

5. Be active on other sites

   You should use of websites that enable to comment the plots via Facebook profiles. Thanks to that you can comment both as a private profile and fan page. However, you must remember about a few rules:

  1. Don't comment by force. The quality is most important, rather than the number of comments.
  2. Comments should refer to the content that is at least close to the subject of fan page, which you are commenting.
  3. Don't ask in comments to like your site in any way – it will be recognized as a spam. Don't place also links to your website.


6. Cross-promotion, i.e. mutual recommendation of sites

   If we decide for cross-promotion, that is: we as a part of fan page will recommend it to other – and vice versa, remember so it wouldn’t look in the following way. In this type of activities, the most important is honesty. If we decide on this type of promotion, let’s not forget that the site should be related thematically to our in some way. If you want to check and try it out, you can post a comment about you and your site under this article! We can help each other – if you share our site, we will let all the users reading our blog to click your link!

7. Offline activity

   If your business is a service point, shop or catering, don't forget to inform your customers about the possibility to like your fan page. Poster in the premises, on door, information on the menu or receipt – there are many possibilities! You can even use stickers with QR codes on tables.

   Of course, so that customers would make the effort of taking out their phone and to like your fan page, you must promise them something. The best and easiest way is to promise to inform on Facebook about discounts or promotions.

   Offline activities also include the customer service, as well as the quality of our products or services. Recommendation is currently one of the strongest weapons in marketing, which is not only for sale or leads, but also for entries on sites and number of fans on Facebook.


8. Why is it worthwhile to buy services which will help you on your fanpage?

   Of course, there is a possibility to buy ,,just'' fans on ebay. The price for one fan is several times lower than in case of using advertisements in FB service. Numbers inspire the imagination of people, so the hairdressing salon or shop of 5 thousand fans will be perceived as a better and more efficiently from the one with 800 fans on the profile. Unfortunately you need to know - almost all of these services are adding false ,,bot'' fans. Similarly you can just create 1000 new Facebook accounts, and press like on your Fanpage. As you are guessing it won't help you with your business, and for sure won't give you any incoming! What is better idea - our social services, such as copywriting will help you with getting fans and will let you become more visible in the network, will build your image and brand. Why? Because interesting content created by our specialist will be inviting and attractive for all new users! Above all the entire process of gaining popularity is carried out with natural channels, friendly for every user!

   Where to find it? Visit our site <here> and go to Copywriting bookmark choosing the offer in which you are interested. If you run your profile on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube you will also find an interested offer for everyone mentioned above.

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