Why is the selection of appropriate keywords will boost your SEO position in the Google ranking!

Why is the selection of appropriate keywords will boost your SEO position in the Google ranking

   Starting your adventure with running a blog, website or shop you certainly are looking for solutions, that will help you increase the number of visitors people, and thus give you a chance to ameliorate sales! The selection of relevant keywords is the first step of all activities related to the positioning and optimizing web pages. Unfortunately, this process is very often carried through a quick way and without thinking. The result of such carelessness is the lack of desired outcomes related to positioning, no increase in the number of visitors to the site, or the lack of conversion. In addition, improperly chosen keywords are associated with a loss of time and money of the customer, SEO agencies and users.

So how to choose a keyword that will be the most profitable and effective?

   If you want to create a list of relevant keywords that will find it at the top of the Google search list. Of course, the process of selection of phrases to pages from various industries will look a little different. In another way, you also need to select keywords for online stores and another for news or blogs. In the following guide, you will find advice that will be useful primarily for selecting keywords for company sites, although you can also use them in other cases.

1. For novices - use the available information, materials, and data!

   The primary source of valuable keywords is, of course, the same website. Take at least 10 minutes and carefully read its contents and on a piece of paper write down all the words, phrases or wording that come to your mind as related to your website. Focus not only on specific product phrases but try to find the general phrases. For example, preparing a list of keywords for the company which produces clothes, do not concentrate only on specific phrases such as: “a wedding dress”, but think also of such expressions as "clothing manufacturer" or "ideas for the wedding dress". This strategy of keyword selection will allow you to reach not only to individual clients but also for business customers, e.g. warehouses and showrooms.

   Creating phrases, you should not also forget about another important phenomenon, the so-called ZMOT – Zero Moment Of Truth. In relation to SEO, it assumes That the customer writes different phrases in a search, which depend on the stage of the purchasing process, which currently is located. A person interested in buying e.g. a new iPhone start his/her search by entering a few queries like: “the best iPhones”, “how to choose iPhone” or “opinions about the iPhone”. During familiarization with the subject, a user will be searched more accurate phrase, such as: “iPhone 6”, "Samsung galaxy", etc. In the final stage of the decision-making process, he will narrow his search for the so-called. phrases with long tail e.g. “Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F”. When creating your keyword list, consider both phrases that are searched by users at the beginning and at the end of their quest.

2. For advanced beginners - what if your site has been operating for some time?

   If the site that you want to position, is located on the Web for a long time, a valuable source of keywords can be Google Keyword Planner. Using this tool in an easy and quick way to analyze what keywords the site is visible on the network, at the moment. You also have the option to search for new keywords by using the expression site or category. You only have to write page address or the name of the industry that you are interested in Google Keyword Planner search. Then you get a list of keywords proposed by the service with the given statistics. Observing the number of monthly queries in an easy way you will be able to decide which words you should use and which internet users will never write in a search engine- and thus, they are not useful at all.

Google keywords planner

3. Use the data of specialized advertising companies such as 7SEARCH.

   The 7search tool is useful for you to see related keywords for sought phrases. Visiting the site click “advertises”, then, type your inquiry e.g. children's toys, and the site will create a list of all possible queries which are suitable in this category, which may be used by the user in order to find your site! By the way, the service offers the ability to purchase paid advertising using the displayed proposal, and they are available at a very attractive price. If you only want to create a valuable list of keywords for all categories on your site/or all the products in your store you only need to use it in the same manner as in step one, then you get a rich list of everything that has a chance to come onto the list of searches, along with the stated amount of predicted, monthly queries.

7search seo searching

4. When you lack ideas, and the words still little (not applicable to people who received the right amount of keywords following the advice from the previous step)

   If you think that you do not give the advice to come up with anything more on the basis of the page and data from Google, do not worry! Still, there are many ways to significantly increased your list of effective keywords. The first step may be re-reviewing the list of existing phrases–with each keyword that you have you can create at least three more. A phrase such as  “marketing London” may be for you a starting point for further, such as: "London marketing" and "London-based marketing agencies". You can also to ready-made phrases already adding adjectives, so that from the phrase "marketing London" you gain a few more, e.g. "the best marketing in London", "Recommended marketing agencies in London”, etc. Therefore, you only need to remember the following principle: change the number and order, then add an adjective.

   If you do not want to do this manually, facilitation adding adjectives to the list of already finished keywords can be a tool for you, Keyword Mixer. It will give you not only the "bonding" together multiple words at the same time (this is useful when you add to a few phrases, i.e. different cities), but it also allows you to reverse the order or arrangement of phrases in alphabetical order.

5. Difficult industries

   In exceptional situations (for example, if you completely lacking ideas for additional keywords) and with the difficult, niche industries, you can use the tools that are used for prompting keywords keywordtool.io or use a broader base of keywords than Planner AdWords. According to the developers, it is intended primarily to create a list of long tail phrases and prompted key phrase to operate on the basis of the auto-complete Google search engine. Keyword suggestions are therefore based on queries typed by users. For example, a search for "SEO", the tool displays a long list of phrases such as "SEO campaigns," "SEO services" and hundreds of similar.

keywords planner by Social Gladiators

7. Selection of phrases

   After going through all the above steps, the list of potential keywords that you collected, may have been quite long. How, then, you should choose from it the few that are the most valuable words?

   First of all, you should use Planer AdWords again. But this time using the function–"get traffic forecasts for the keyword list". After pasting the full list of phrases and downloading forecasts for them, type sample rate in the left upper window (with keywords SEO amount it is entirely arbitrary) and download finished file. In generated ranking by the Planner, the most important information in the selection of keywords are columns with a monthly number of searches for phrases and their competition. Of course, the more searches for a particular phrase, the better! But watch out for those which are searched more than a few hundred thousand–they are usually very general keywords and may not produce the desired conversion. Another important factor is the competition– the greater it is, the harder it will position the site for a given phrase. The general phrases with competition AdWords 0,9-1 (e.g. "credit" or "marketing") this phrase, which high positions in the natural search results, you will have to wait for months or even years.

8. Check the links

   After selection of phrases based on search volume and competition, an important step for older domains may be checking their linking history. Here, help comes from the tool MajesticSEO, that will make you look at the anchors this site was linked, so far. After typing the address into the Majestic search engine you should go to the mode of "historical index", and bookmark “anchor text”. There is enough if you scanned and checked all anchors. If none of them contain any keywords you have selected, but if they are there-check if the number of acquired links is not too high (because for algorithm Google more than 100 links on one phrase may seem like an unnatural linking and involve a filter imposed on page). All results above 100 links should be treated as less priority and include them in second place.


   Keep in mind that choosing keywords for a given page does not always have to go through all steps  which are written out above. Often the page, that you want to position, has enough different content that on the basis of the information contained therein you can create a rich list of keywords. Sometimes it is worth to primarily focused on the competition’s keywords. It all depends generally on the industry or the requirements of the customer. The bottom line is you chose the keywords you every time, taking into account your target group as well as our own business objectives. Take some time to do so– do not forget that this keyword is based on the greater part of the process of positioning and linking pages.

What should you avoid?

The overriding goal and the ending of this article are the desire to arouse you need for analytical thinking of creating valuable content with wide and adequate and matched keywords. Creating descriptions on their websites always compose a complete and correct grammatical descriptions which also take previously obtained keywords. If you are wondering how to do it, we encourage you to read our article about copywriting <here>

What do I have to avoid?

Where should we use keywords?

  • In the content of your articles, blogs, pages and product’s descriptions– but only as the contents of the full, correct sentences, which carry a message and are pleasant to read. Do not create any pages or descriptions, just to put there a list of your words, because such activity is detected by search engines and thus your position on the search lists will be lower.
  • In modes, that optimize the results of searches
  • in modules which describe the images and graphics
  • in commercials which are run by you

What if you lack the time or skills?

   If you are still worried that you fail to make valuable descriptions by yourself, or if you are not sure that your keyword list is optimal and correct you can always ask us for help. Our specialists who deal with Copywriting will be very happy to help in the preparation of professional, optimized, and above all, best-adapted texts and descriptions especially for you!

   In addition, to enhance the effect of positioning, not only do you get the benefit of having valuable content on your site but also you can strengthen it by link to your site with our SEO offer, which affects the improvement position of Google searches.


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