Logo and business materials design service how to get or create your materials, Are you looking for your own materials? We will design Logo and business accessories for you! Best chance for smart and great deal. Lets leave free tools and be professional!

Logo and business materials design

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What are logo features that stimulate profits? 


  • easily memorable for your new clients 


  • positively distinguished in the crowd of your competition 


  • sign, which you don't have to change every 5, 10 or 20 years


  • holding copyright you can sleep calmly!


You want to attract new clients with mature brand, which the competition will envy you?

In a moment thousands of persons will assess your company at a glance. The new logo will become a central point of business cards, websites and leaflets. It will affect how customers, employees and business partners see you. The logo will tell a story of your company when you won't be around. In Social Gladiators we believe that good logo should work as hard as you do. See below how we carry out this task.

Perfect symbolism

  • We do not use pre-made graphics

Mature, unique typography

  • We do not use trite fonts

Cohesive corporate identity

  • It will distinguishes the company from the competition

What will I receive? We will create a mature brand for you, which the customers will recognize even when won't see its logo. See exactly, what you will receive:

1. Perfect logo design of which you will be proud

We always present the whole spectrum of inspirations and attractive concepts, from which arise the solution of needs and expectations. The sign, which makes right impression and it’s memorable.

2. Coherent projects of personal and company’s business cards

Your business won't get a second chance for the first impression. With our design of your business cards, there won't be such a need. These inconspicuously small business cards can bring great results.

3. Graphics on the company’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Icon and company’s logo on fan-page or profile will provide recognizability of your brand in cooperation with social media giants!

4. Professional letterhead

To print offers, invoices and faxes. Professionally designed letterhead, consistent with new logo, it’s a certificate of professionalism and maturity of your business. We will design office paper and envelopes, which your customers will keep as a souvenir.

5. Design of e-mail footnote for online correspondence

In an inflow of thousands e-mails, which potential customers receive and throw – we will help you to stand out from the crowd, to emphasize credibility of your brand. It will be clear that this e-mail came exactly from you!

6. Files for special assignments

For engrave, network and print purpose. With a set of professional files, which you’ll receive from us, you can act freely and quickly. All vector (curves) and raster files.

7. Files to edit print (curves) and Internet (pixels)

8. Copyright to use the project

Our logo is the best example of realization:

How does it work?

  1. You buy
  2. Fill out the questionnaire of expectations
  3. We prepare the preliminary design, and you assess it
  4. We finish out the work after your confirmation of satisfaction
  5. Your business grows!


How long does it take and how to begin the cooperation?

We close orders within a few days, but on average such a process lasts about two weeks. In order to begin the cooperation, let us know about it. After payment and collection of necessary information we get down to work. The first concepts you will see already in 5-7 days.

The results of this decision you will feel every day for the next years.

And what is the perfect offer for your business? Let’s talk about your project today.

Additional information:

  • the service regards only projects that contain English vocabulary (if regards placing text in the content)

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