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Copywriting - product or service description

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Copywriting - one product or one service description

Description: Current times are very rough for entrepreneurs and store owners. Especially those, who run their businesses mostly online. The clients can be demanding. Getting a hold of their attention has never been this difficult before. To succeed, a store has to make perfect use of all the most effective tools of modern advertising. The advertising needs to be bright, but not annoying and pushy. It needs to be creative and innovetive, but not in the way that makes it more than obvious that the company is „trying too hard.” it's not easy to find balance in it and to do that, one has to equip a very specific sets of skills, knowledge of modern language and an easy-flowing, natural, yet fully conscious way with words that also includes a vast knowledge of pop-culture references. Those all combined, can give your products or services the best imaginable advertising: one that will grip the consumers tight and raise them from lack of interest. This is something our company has great experience in. We know how to make your assets shine and we can help you very fast.

Delivery time of our professional texts and descriptions depends on their amount and length. Below are the estimated delivery times of texts that are a default length of 1000 symbols with spaces:

1 – 3 texts: 1 to 3 days.

4 – 10 texts: 3 to 4 days.

11 – 20 texts: 4 to 5 days.

20 texts and more: delivery time discussed individually with each client.

Examples: everything here was created by our copywriter

Important information:

  • Remember to give us all important details and the address of your website want us to describe.

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